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Woman doing eye test
woman showing glasses to optician at optics store
Woman checking vision with trial frame at eye clinic
Little girl at the optician trying different eyeglasses

ABOUT US Eyesight Hong Kong Optometry Center is founded by four experienced optometrists. It aims to provide public an "one stop optometry service". It includes:  refractive error assessment, check-up for visual functions and eye health, contact lens service, orthokeratology, myopia control and visual training service....

In our center, there are state of the art equipment. After eye examination, our optometrists will provide you professional service and a report, in order to provide you a full picture of your visual function.

Our Mission

Besides, eye examination, we also sell optical aids, such as prescription eyewear, sunglasses and contact lenses. We imported designer eyewear from different countries. We provide a spacious and comfortable environment for frame shopping. At the meantime, our image consultant will provide you assistant in choosing the right frame. 

We want to break through the traditional framework of optical shop. 


"We care about your look and how you look"


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Health Care Voucher

eye test + spectacles

Bill for eyeglasses can be paid by Health Care Voucher,

after the eye examination done by qualified optometrist.

Health Care Voucher
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