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Health Care Voucher

eye test + glasses 

HKD2000 for every two years

Health Care Voucher | Eye Exam + Glasses

Bill for eyeglasses can be paid by Health Care Voucher, after the eye examination done by qualified optometrist.

Health Care Voucher

eye test + glasses

1. Vision and Refraction Assessment

The visual acuity (sight clarity) and refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia) are tested. Our centre provides bespoke glasses service which can enhance the comfort of progressive lenses.

Health Care Voucher | Eye Exam + Glasses
Health Care Voucher | Eye Exam + Glasses

2. Squint / Crossed-eyes Assessment

By assessment of co-ordination of the two eyes, squint and other extra-ocular muscles problems will be found out. The binocular co-ordination of eyes can be reinforced by visual training management or use of prism.

3. Color Vision Assessment

Identifying any color vision deficiency, consultation and advice will be provided.

3. 色弱 / 色盲檢測


Ocular Health Assessment

cornea, lens, retina, macula, eye pressure

4. Ocular Health Assessment

Ocular health assessment on cornea, crystalline lens, retina, macula and eye pressure etc. would be carried out by use of a series of professional ophthalmic equipment. Dilation of the pupils (with eye drops) for peripheral retinal examination would be conducted if needed. If needed, we will use Optical coherence tomographer (OCT) to take cross-section pictures of your retina for detail examination.

Health Care Voucher | Eye Exam + Glasses
Health Care Voucher | Eye Exam + Glasses
OCT 光學相干斷層掃描 - 視網膜


5. Myopia control & Orthokeratology


our centre also provide myopic control and orthokeratology service to kids and teenagers on indication.

​6. Progressive spectacle lenses + Multifocal contact lenses

We are well experienced  in progressive spectacle lenses and multifocal contact lenses fitting for management of presbyopia.

7. Specialty contact lens services

In our center, we fit specialty contact lenses, such as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses.

​8. Health Care Voucher

Our optometrists are appointed Health Care Service Providers of Health Care Voucher Scheme. Eligible Elderly may use Health Care Voucher for payment of eye examination and eyeglasses fee. For more information, you may contact us by telephone number 21109701 for eye examination booking.

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