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Vision Over 40 · Presbyopia

Presbyopia / Old-sight / Reading difficulties:

        Presbyopia is a refractive error associated with aging of the eye that results in progressively losing ability to focus clearly on near objects. 



        - usually start around 40 years old, there will be difficulties to focus near objects, such as mobiles and books.

        headache and eye strain associated to reading books and view digital devices.

        - for some severe cases, stiff neck and neck pain will be caused.

        It is due to hardening of the lens inside the eye causing focus of light behind rather than on the retina when looking at close objects.


Mini screening for lag of accommodation:


If you see the text on green field sharper than that on red field, you may have presbyopia. You should consult optometrist for eye examination.

Management of Presbyopia:

1. Single vision reading glasses: only for near (close reading) vision


2. Bi-focal glasses: for distant and near vision 


3. Progressive (multi-focal) glasses : can improve vision for distant, intermediate and near vision (learn more)

4. Multi-focal contact lenses for presbyopia.


5. Nighttime contact lens for presbyopia.

Progressive lenses

Far, mid, near

Three-ranges usage.

convenient, seamless

Progressive lenses

Simply enjoy good vision again with your new progressive lenses

Progressive spectacle lenses are optical masterpieces which offer smooth vision from far to near. They help you look smart and young. But not all progressive lenses are the same. Your progressive lenses should meet your needs, lifestyle and budget. They should provide you with natural and comfortable vision. The fitting and dispensing of progressive lenses needs professional optometric service.


No two faces are equal. No two eyes, noses or ears are equal. Not even the right and left sides of our faces are symmetrical. If this individuality of your face is not taken into account in the production of a progressive lens, you may not be able to fully benefit from the optical performance of the lens. Up to 40% of valuable visual acuity can be lost. 


By taking into account the facial profile of the wearer , e.g. how they look through the lens and how the frame sits on their nose and ears, the progressive lenses produced provide precisely the visual support needed. In our center, opticians can work precisely with state of the art equipment. The i.Terminal®2 from ZEISS provides an objective image of the spectacles wearer with the frames. We can measure the parameters needed for progressive lenses production precisely and objectively.  

The benefits of precise progressive lenses fitting and personalized progressive design are:

  • natural vision

  • enhanced vision clarity

  • relieve eye strain


3. 色弱 / 色盲檢測


Presbyopia contact lens

natural, comfortable,

wide field of view

Multifocal contact lenses

Presbyopia multifocal contact lenses:

Besides progressive spectacles, an alternative way to manage presbyopia (reading difficulties) is contact lens wear. We have different kinds of presbyopia contact lenses to meet your needs. Some options can correct astigmatism up to -6.00D, such as rigia gas permeable (RGP) lenses and hybrid lenses. We also fit soft multifocal contact lenses and nighttime contact lenses.

Mulifocal contact lenses vs Progressive spectacle lenses:

Presbyopia contact lens

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses vs soft multifocal soft contact lenses:



More services

Eye Exam

Our Centre provides eye test for Adults and children from two and half years old. The eye test covers refractive errors, visual functions and eye health assessment.

Myopia control & Orthokeratology


our centre also provide myopic control and orthokeratology service to kids and teenagers on indication.

Specialty contact lens services

In our center, we fit specialty contact lenses, such as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses.

​Health Care Voucher

Our optometrists are appointed Health Care Service Providers of Health Care Voucher Scheme. Eligible Elderly may use Health Care Voucher for payment of eye examination and eyeglasses fee. For more information, you may contact us by telephone number 21109701 for eye examination booking.

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