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Lindberg eyewear HK
Lindberg eyewear HK

1000 Acetanium


Acetanium designs are a showcase for advanced LINDBERG know-how in titanium and acetate, and how to combine those materials to take modern frame design to a new level. The Acetanium look is a distinctively retro-elegant statement, but the lightness, flexibility and ease of adjustment put these frames way ahead in design feeling and pure comfort.

Acetanium 板材鈦金屬系列是體現 LINDBERG 對鈦金屬和板材兩種材質領先的認知和掌握的最佳典範。通過兩者的結合,時尚眼鏡的設計得以提升到新的水平。板材鏡框給人復古典雅和學者的感覺,但LINDBERG 鏡框的輕盈、彈性、靈活調較的特性使整個系列在設計時尚和舒適配戴兩個考慮中成為眼鏡的極品。

Lindberg eyewear HK

2000 Spirit


These classic LINDBERG rimless frames are available with three distinctly different temple designs, made of titanium wire, titanium plate or acetate, as well as a comprehensive “building system” that provides a wide choice of shapes, colours and sizes. These ultra-lightweight rimless frames weigh as little as 1.9 grams.

經典的 LINDBERG 成名無框鏡架系列由極簡鈦絲、鈦金薄片和優質板材三種迥異的框臂設計組成。LINDBERG 為 2000 Spirit 建構了一系列由多款形狀、顏色和尺寸變化配搭的定制組合。最輕巧的 LINDBERG 2000 Spirit 鏡框重量僅為1.9克。

Lindberg eyewear HK

6500 n.o.w.


This range combines the remarkably thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium temples into a minimalist design that’s both more understated and cool than traditional composite and nylon eyewear. The n.o.w frames only weigh from 2.3 grams, and this special composite material features transparent polished colour gradients, as well as distinctive groove colours – supplementing or contrasting the titanium temples.

這由復合材質前框和超輕釱絲框臂構建的極簡設計,與其它復合尼龍材質鏡框相比更顯低調時尚。n.o.w. 鏡框重量只有2.3克,特製復合材質的前框備有多種通透漸變色系和開槽顏色可供選擇 - 可與框臂的設計構成和應或對比的搭配。

Lindberg eyewear HK

9700 Strip


This is a distinctive design in which the lenses are mounted in a special acetate inner rim within the titanium plate frame. The smooth inner rims – available in a range of colours – are mounted slightly proud of the surrounding frame, providing an unusual sense of depth.

獨特的薄鈦框架設計,鏡片以特製超輕板材內圈固定。這板材內圈 - 有不同顏色可供選擇 - 稍微凸出薄鈦框架,襯托出迷人的層次感。

Lindberg eyewear HK

9800 Strip


9800 Strip blends details from LINDBERG titanium plate and acetate designs, in a subtly fashion-forward design. The upper part of the rim makes a pronounced statement, supplemented by the unique screw-free front in which the acetate is fixed to the titanium frame.

9800 Strip 結合了 LINDBERG 薄鈦和板材設計的精髓,成為了獨特、低調的時尚系列。配絲前框,板材眉部曲線突出了框架設計的時尚感。

Lindberg eyewear HK

Air Titanium Rim


An extremely flexible, strong and comfortable full-rim frame made entirely from titanium wire, weighing as little as 3 grams. The design is particularly discreet and timelessly elegant, and can easily be customised to suit any face and any appearance. Air Titanium Rim is a LINDBERG classic, a highly original design that has no direct competition and is now enjoying a big market resurgence.

由無比強韌、舒適的全框鈦絲鏡框,重量僅為3克。極簡的框架設計追求細膩和永恆的典雅,適合任何臉型和衣著。 無可匹敵的 LINDBERG 原創經典, Air Titanium Rim 再次顛覆眼鏡的定義。

Lindberg eyewear HK

Buffalo Titanium


An exclusive collection made of multiple layers of natural buffalo horn, hand-crafted in 152 processes to bring out the individual nuances in the material’s colouration and markings. This means no two frames are entirely alike. The temples, hinges and bridge inserts are all made of ultra-lightweight titanium, making the sleek classic horn frame adjustable, as well as adding a distinctive modern design feature.


Lindberg eyewear HK

L I N D B E R G    the best eyewear

Best Material:


LINDBERG uses only a special type of titanium, which is also used for pacemakers and dental regulation. In addition to being hypoallergenic, this type of titanium is extremely lightweight, flexible and strong.

LINDBERG 只用頂級的醫學用鈦金屬製作眼鏡,其質量可用於心臟起搏器和牙科治療。除了低至敏,這種鈦金屬亦是超輕和無比強韌。

Lindberg eyewear HK

The titanium reinforcement of the bridge forms the basics for the flexible and adjustable notepad arm which are also known from LINDBERG's other frame collections.

強化,強韌調較的鼻托臂, LINDBERG 的系列都以舒適和合身聞名於世。

Lindberg Kid / Teen sports

Multi-adjustable temple ends for a perfect fit.


Lindberg Kid / Teen sports

LINDBERG nose pads are made of medical silicone. The design allows for the nose pad to adapt to the individual nose, and the silicone material provides optimum comfort and keeps the spectacles in place.

LINDBERG 鼻托是用醫療矽膠製成。其設計使每支鏡框皆能舒適、穩固在臉上。

"It looks good, you can barely feel that you are wearing glasses and the frames can resist virtually anything…"

Lindberg eyewear HK
Lindberg eyewear HK
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