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穩定  · 柔韌 · 耐用

Story behind :


Tomato Glasses are a range of light, comfortable and adjustable frames that are shape intelligent for newborn babies to teens.   Mr Sungjoon Kim founded Tomato Glasses in 2003 in South Korea, when his own son needed glasses. He found that the frames he tried did not fit properly and they could not be adjusted. 


Tomato Glasses specialise only in glasses for kids. 'We create very strong glasses frames. We believe our high quality eyewear frame will make your child happy while wearing their glasses.' Tomato Glasses have qualified for the CE, FDA and K registration marks.   

Tomato Glasses 是一系列輕巧、舒適的可調較鏡框,適合幼兒和青年配戴。於2003年,金承浚先生為他需要配戴眼鏡的兒子創立了南韓Tomato Glasses,因為當時沒有能按他兒子調較的眼鏡框。

Safe 安全


1) The glass frames are made using non-toxic materials approved by the FDA. 


2) The frames are flexible , display excellent elasticity and do not break easily . 


Comfortable 舒適

1) The frames are incredibly light : ~7 to 8g in weight. 

眼鏡框十分輕巧: 只有約7 至 8 克重量

2) There is a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears and does not press on the ear.


Non-slip glasses 防滑眼鏡

The nose bridge matches the curves of the nose wall and thus allow the nose to hold the glass comfortably in place and prevents them from slipping down .


It is easy to adjust the length of the temples. To shorten the temples, remove the ear tip and take off the excess length. Replace the ear tips and secure in position using the screws. Lengthen the temples by pulling the ear tips back and secure in place with the screws.


Strap as standard accessory 原裝頭帶

​​​All frames from Tomato Glasses come with a strap as a standard accessory. When attached it prevents the glasses from slipping, even with very heavy high-power lenses and provides security when actively running and jumping. 

所有 Tomato Glasses 均附有原裝頭帶,裝上後可防止眼鏡下滑。即使較重的高度數鏡片,也可於跑跳運動中穩定。



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