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Progear Eyeguard is a product launched by Acuity Optical USA. Their brand concept is “Look Cool And Be Safe”.

Progaer Eyeguard 是美國 Acuity Optical 的產品。它的設計理念是 “酷和安全”。

Progear Eyeguard's design focuses on the coordinate of safety and beauty.

Progear eyes-protector is up to the standard of America(ASTM F803), European Union(EN 166) and Japan(JIS T8147.5.1d).

Progear 護目鏡乎合國制安全標準,如美國 ASTM F803,歐盟 EN166 和日本 JIS T8147.5.1d 。

The other main point is that there is a safety headband. User can adjust the installation and position on their own. This adjustable Velcro headband helps to prevent shifting and displacement while doing strenuous exercises. Moreover, it is made of stretchable and washable wet-suit material.


Lindberg Kid / Teen sports

Progear Eyeguard sport eyewear has totally 3 different sizes which can fit kids, teenagers and adults. Each size has 4 colors of choice.


Prescription adjustment for wrap lens by 



There are more and more curved wrap design eyewear frames in the market. There is a common symptom of the wearer regarding the adaptation to those wrap eyewear frames, such as fatigue, eyestrain and blur vision. In optics, it is due to the tilted manner the visual axis passing through the wrap lenses. That induces some image aberration called "oblique astigmatism". 

市面上出現愈來愈多的弧形設計眼鏡框,常有配戴者遇上適應的問題,如疲倦和視力糢糊。其實,這些都是因為當眼睛的視線傾斜穿過鏡片後產生"斜軸散光"(oblique astigmatism")像差 (aberration)所引至。


Traditionally, optometrist may suggest wearer to flatten the curve or wrap angle of the frames to minimize the impact of the aberration. However, that will cause negative influence on the appearance and protection of the original design of the eyewear.



In our center, we will use state of the art equipment to measure the tilting and wrap angle of the eyewear. The data will be send to optical laboratory for improve of the peripheral optical performance of the lenses. That will ensure wearer the greatest performance with the eyewear.




Progear - sport goggles

Progear - sport goggles

Centrostyle - sport goggles

Centrostyle - sport goggles

Rudy Project - technically cool

Rudy Project - technically cool

Rudy Project Ski Goggles

Rudy Project Ski Goggles

Prescription Swimming goggles

Prescription Swimming goggles

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